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The Amity Affliction - Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice Acoustic Cover
Pierce The Veil Hold on Till May Acoustic Cover

as the sun went down we ended up on the ground, heard the train shake the windows she screamed over the sound. this love is out of control ………

even the smallest ones hurt

The Story So Far Empty Space + 10k!

——So good, covers are amazing

Don’t lean on me

I feel so fucking helpless when I can’t be your relief.

don’t lean on me, ‘cause I am falling, please don’t fall with me.
I really need you here, yeah I need you so don’t leave.
And don’t count on me, ‘cause I am drowning, please don’t drown with me.
Just hold me in your heart, and let the ocean take me.

Neck Deep A Part of Me cover - YouTube

Amazing. Love the neck deep and the song. Cover is awesome

Know so much do so little